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  • Supplements: Making Sure You Get What You Paid For

    Recently I watched CBC’s the Fifth Estate, Episode 41, “Vitamins and Supplements: Magic Pills“. It was a good reminder that we often aren’t getting what we are paying for. Since Steven Newmaster from the University of Guelph did a study in 2012, testing the DNA of supplements to see if the ingredients matched the labels, […]

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  • Paris, The Land Of Climate Talks at COP21

    Environmentalists and caring people worldwide are waiting with bated breath to hear what global leaders at the 2015 Paris climate talks from November 30 to December 12, will commit to when it comes to reducing GHG’s in our atmosphere and keeping fossil fuels in the ground. Here is the low down on the history and […]

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  • Have You Been To Green Drinks Yet?

    On Tuesday I had a dirty martini with two plump green olives. It was delicious! But if you’re not an olive lover, then this drink is definitely not for you. With my martini in hand I mixed and mingled with 20 other like-minded people at an event called Green Drinks, and we had so much […]

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